Our Coaches

Nicholas Racculia, PhD, SSC

Nicholas Racculia, PhD, SSC is the owner of Iron City Athletic Club. He earned his Starting Strength Coach (SSC) credential in 2012. He is an Associate Professor of Finance, Saint Vincent College in Latrobe, PA. 

He is a member of the Starting Strength Coaches Association, directs the Physical Culture Education Series and is an online coach with Starting Strength Online Coaching (startingstrengthonlinecoaching.com).

He is a graduate of Saint Vincent College (’00) and earned his MA and PhD in Economics from Princeton University.  

Graham Schaller, SSC, SSOC

Graham has been training for several years and has been coaching at ICAC from the start. He earned his SSC in 2018 and holds a Bachelors Degree in Finance from Saint Vincent College. In additional to personal coaching, he is also an online coach at Starting Strength Online Coaching (startingstrengthonlinecoaching.com)


Graham has experience coaching athletes of all demographics, particularly clients with special needs and masters lifters.

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