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We are a small, private black iron gym located in western Pennsylvania.  We believe that Strength is Health.  

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Strength Training

Our Starting Strength Coaches provide the gold standard in strength training to clients of all levels of experience and ability.


Each client's program is customized with a focus on long-run progress.  Our clients do not merely exercise, they train.

On-Site Personal Service

ICAC provides personalized sessions for groups of any size. Our coaches are accredited by nationally recognized organizations, including the Starting Strength Coaches Association and the National Academy of Sports Medicine.

Strength is Health

  The Sick Aging Phenotype. That hideous phenomenon identified by sarcopenia, osteopenia, frailty, decreased balance and coordination, polypharmacy and the metabolic syndrome. This expression of aging inevitably leads to a myriad of serious health problems, loss of independence, and a miserable end of life experience. The best medicine that can be prescribed to directly delay or reverse many of the symptoms of the Sick Aging Phenotype is strength training. Like all medicine it needs the correct dosage and in the correct form.  Let us demonstrate that  this may be the most effective tool  available to improve the quality of life and reduce morbidity.

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Gaining Independence One Pound at a Time

ICAC works directly with our clients to build strength, fight fragility, restore confidence and drastically improve the quality of life. Strength Training in Pittsburgh Strength Training in Greensburg coaching

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